Our Vision

About 10% of women (6.1 Million) in the United States ages 15 – 44 years have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant.  A woman’s peak reproductive potential is stable until her early 30’s and then begins to decline.  This is primarily due to the rise of age-related fertility changes.  Yet, despite the scientific data indicating that pregnancy rates decline inversely with patient age, societal trends still reveal that women are delaying their child-bearing for education, career, and other lifelong dreams.

With a target audience of reproductive aged women and men who are planning their families or undergoing fertility treatments, Lane Fertility Magazine offers a comprehensive resource.  We provide vital and timely information about prevention of age related fertility challenges; reproductive health and technologies; lifestyle influences, and emotional well-being.

Lane Fertility Magazine is committed to ensuring that women and men have the knowledge needed to develop a fertility plan during their peak fertility years.  Our vision is to use Lane Fertility Magazine as a platform to change the conversation of fertility from reactive, “I have a fertility challenge” to proactive, “I am doing all I can to prevent a fertility challenge”!

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