On The Cutting Edge

One of the biggest advances in our field has been the ability to preserve female fertility by freezing unfertilized eggs. While egg freezing has been around for a long time, original data showed low egg survival and pregnancy rates.  By 2003, new freezing technology, called vitrification, substantially improved outcomes such that egg survival rates increased to over 85% and pregnancy rates began to compare with those seen in fresh (non-frozen) eggs. 

Sadly, although this technology has rapidly advanced, few women are aware that they can and should take advantage of the opportunity to freeze their eggs while they are still of good quality.  If you think about it, as women have increasingly joined the workforce, they have delayed their childbearing for 5-10 years. The average age of women pursuing fertility treatment in my San Francisco-based practice is almost 39 years old. Many of them still report that they were unaware of their reproductive clocks and the aging of their eggs. Few women come to freeze their eggs and those that do are typically over the age of 35 (the age under which the best outcomes are demonstrated).

In our next issue of Lane Fertility Magazine, we will review the indications for freezing your eggs. Who should consider it? Where do you go to have this procedure done?  How much does it cost? 

We can’t wait to share this cutting edge technology with you!

– Danielle Lane, MD