Let’s get started! 2014

lets-get-startedBy: Danielle E. Lane, MD

2014 may prove to be the best year yet! With our embryology laboratory finally in place and a team of top-notch physicians to handle, we can turn our attention to the important goals of
supporting our patients with ample resources and a treatment that just takes less! Less hormones and stimulation, less time and visits, less cost!

Minimal stimulation IVF is here to stay and now the question is can we perfect it? So many women and couples cannot access the care they need with professional fees approaching $12,000.00 and medications at $4000-6000.00. Even with the new manufacturer-driven programs such as Compassionate Care and others, costs for most couples exceed comfort levels. So finding an alternative option that works is critical!

In this issue of Lane Fertility Magazine, we describe the up and coming concept of “Minimal Stimulation IVF” and how it might be the solution for you. We also provide a number of support articles on topics ranging from “Advice from an Acupuncturist for your Fertility Care” to “Navigating the Holidays and Beyond”. A tasty recipe is provided to meet all of your nutritional needs. Dr. Jennifer Agard discusses the thyroid gland and its impact on your conception and pregnancy.

Finally, Dr. Camille Hammond shares her fertility journey and we spotlight her foundation – the Cade Foundation.

So, jump in for a good read!