Anna & Glenn

By: Anna Lindo

From the time we began dating, my husband and I had discussed the number of kids we wanted.  At one time, my number was a dozen, but we settled on four. After being married for two years, we started to try and thought that it would happen within a few months. After all, I was 31 and my husband was 30. But, after about a year of trying, I decided to get some testing done. My follicle stimulating horomone (FSH) and estradiol levels were checked and they were normal. My husband’s semen analysis came back normal too. We had what the doctors call “unexplained infertility”.

It felt as though for some mysterious reason, God didn’t want us to have a baby. We watched friends who married after we did have their first child, and then their second. This discrepancy created a very painful time in our lives. My husband and I met in church, and our relationship with God is very important to us and is the glue that holds us together. We cried out to God with our feelings and asked for guidance.

I became very proactive. I bought multiple books on “infertility” in search of answers. One that really encouraged me was  6 steps to increased fertility by Robert Barbieri and Alice Domar.  This book gave me a framework with which to move forward. And finally, I sought the help of a fertility doctor.

From the first appointment that my husband and I had with our fertility specialist, we knew that we had found a great fit. This isn’t always the case, but for us it was.  I showed her the book that I was reading, and she pointed to her shelf  and said, “You mean that one?” There was a whole shelf of the same books that she gave out to patients to provide them with resources and encouragement.  I knew that God had led us to her.

We discussed our history and went through treatment options. My husband and I went through two unsuccessful intrauterine inseminations before I decided to get a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) performed. This test evaluated my fallopian tubes to see if the eggs and sperm could actually meet.  And finally, we had an answer to why we were not conceiving.  My right fallopian tube was blocked. And to make matters worse, most of the mature eggs that I was making were on my right side…we would need to consider In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

We were devastated. We knew how much IVF would cost, and we knew that it would exceed our finances. Again we turned to our church. We asked family members and friends, and within two weeks, our amazing family and friends had helped us with almost all of the money we would need. 

Now it was time to get through the actual IVF process. At first it seemed overwhelming, but the fertility team worked to make every step of the way easier. In the end, holding our baby in our arms made it all seem so easy.  Our healthy baby girl was born in March 2009.

But our journey is not over. We want to expand our family, and it only gets more difficult as each month passes. The challenges are emotional, physical and in other ways as well.  But in my heart, I still believe that my husband and I can have four children!

Hebrews, chapter 11, verse 1 reads: “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see.” I don’t see how it’s going to happen yet, but I have to be certain that God has a plan for what we hope for, and for our ‘yet unseen’ babies.