On The Cutting Edge

LFM_On_the_Cutting_EdgeIn 2009 when I started Lane Fertility Institute, I had little idea of what would be in store for me or my patients. I was determined that a better environment for fertility care could exist. I believed that costs could be contained if only by accepting insurance – a concept that was novel in my local private practice environment. I wanted women to feel that they were not a part of a medical mill – a challenge that we keep fighting every year with growth. And I knew that awareness about fertility timelines and reproductive options had to be improved.

That last concept resulted in Lane Fertility Magazine. At first it was just an annual effort with contributors from local practices and my editing efforts. But this year I am launching a monthly magazine with a broader scope focused on survey results from our patients. My hope is that conversations will be initiated between women and their friends, families and children.

We will feature articles on understanding embryo freezing techniques, the latest data on the benefits of frozen embryo transfers and understanding the interaction of some common medications with your fertility.

Here is what I have learned from my years in practice. Amazingly talented and successful women walk through my door every day. And for all of their successes in life, we have still not adequately prepared them for one of their biggest challenges – their own fertility.

Please help us to help you by suggesting topics and letting us know when you read something that you like. Pass our Lane Fertility Magazine link on to your friends and colleagues so that more women can have an educational resource as they experience their own fertility journey!