Let’s get started! June 2012

By: Danielle E. Lane, MD

July 2011 marked the launch of Lane Fertility Magazine.  In addition to providing the best reproductive care for women and men, a long-time personal goal has been to increase awareness of fertility issues and provide for women all over the world access to reproductive information. Publishing Lane Fertility Magazine provides a platform upon which to do this.

In our pilot issue, we introduced the basics of fertility.  This issue will address the prevention of age-related fertility challenges.  In 2011, 20% of the women that I saw in consultation were interested in pursuing care to preserve their fertility while they delay their child-bearing. At least 40% of the women I see are over the age of 40, and many are trying to conceive their first child. Most of the women in this latter group will say that they were unaware of options to preserve their fertility when they were younger. But, times and technology are changing! While we have not had the ability to freeze unfertilized eggs successfully until recently, embryo freezing is readily available. We simply need to spread the word!

The reasons to increase awareness are many.  First, we simply cannot reverse biology and find healthy eggs once they have passed their peak. Second, as a direct result of this reality, the cost effectiveness of preserving fertility as compared with treating infertility is staggering. And third, societal pressures are not reversing; women continue to delay their child-bearing.

In this issue, we discuss the technology of vitrification in Young, Hip and Not Ready for Kids.  In Selecting Your Sperm Donor, we provide some insight into selecting donor sperm for women and couples in need, who are ready to begin their family. The Road Less Traveled presents some compelling information about consideration of starting your family as a single woman. Our article on Anti-mullerian hormone discusses a new and easy test to look at your reproductive potential. 

In every issue you will find a sumptuous fertility friendly recipe and a personal journey with fertility.

So jump in for a good read and enjoy!


DanielleDanielle E Lane, MD, Reproductive Endorcinology and Infertility Specialist. Dr. Lane attended McGill University before completing her medical training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, her residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and her fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco. She opened the Center for Reproductive Health at Kaiser Permanente in Napa-Sola-no in 2005. In 2009 she founded Lane Fertility Institute. The Institute has grown to a three physician practice with a state of the art embryology laboratory. She is committed to providing education for women about preservation of their fertility and developing lower cost models to improve access to care.