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Conceive The Podcast is sponsored by Lane Fertility Institute for Education and Research and the The Conceive Campaign. Together, the common goal is to empower women to educate themselves about their reproductive health options and family planning.

Episode 1 – Conceive Egg Freezing

Guest: Dr. Danielle Lane, Reproductive Endocrinologist.
Today we take a look at the egg freezing experience and what it looks like for the modern day woman.

Episode 2 – Conceive IVF 101

Guest: Dr. Danielle Lane
Dr. Lane is answering questions surrounding the basics of IVF.

Episode 3 – Egg Donation

Guest: Dr. Danielle Lane
Egg Donation has given many men and women obtain the family they have always dreamed of. On this episode, we discuss the basics of choosing an Egg Donor and the Egg Donor process.

Episode 4 – Conceive Birds and Bees

Guest: Dr. Danielle Lane
Not the typical“boy meets girl, boy likes girl and baby makes three” sex talk; but you should definitely give this to your daughters to help with the dreaded “talk”. Reproductive health has become so much more sophisticated than just intercourse and the high you receive from being in love. As our society continually modernizes, so must our thinking about family planning.

Episode 5 – Surgical Treatment to Optimize Fertility

Guest: Dr. Leslie Kardos
Dr. Lane takes the host seat as she interviews Dr. Leslie Kardos, surgical gynecologist. They are tackling questions such as: “What is minimally evasive surgery?” “How do surgical gynecologist partner with fertility specialists?” “What are some surgical treatments that will optimize fertility?”

Episode 6 – Male Fertility and Cancer Treatment

Guest: Lauren Boyd-Lane
In our latest episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren Boyd-Lane about making the decision to freeze her husband’s sperm before he underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This episode was so enlightening and heart-felt, it was easily a favorite of our staff. We hope you take a listen and find Lauren’s story inspiring and the information useful.

Episode 7 – Egg Freezing with Shay

Guest: Shay Diddy
In our latest episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Shay Diddy from 106.1 KMEL here in San Francisco. Shay recently froze her eggs at Lane Fertility Institute and sat down with Dr. Lane to share her experience. This episode is so fun and real, we truly hope you enjoy and learn!

Episode 8 – Optimizing Your Fertility Through Nutrition w/ Cindy Bailey

Guest: Cindy Bailey
Dr. Lane sits down with Cindy Bailey, author of the Fertile Kitchen Cookbook. Cindy took control of her fertility after she was told AMH levels were unfavorable and that her age was a hindering factor in her fertility. Determined to be a mother, Cindy took a nutritious approach to optimizing her fertility and now she is the mother of two beautiful children! Many couples are trying to conceive and are unaware that diet plays a critical role in fertility. Today Cindy and Dr. Lane will discussing the secrets of changing your diet and potentially increasing your chances of success in conception.

Episode 9 – High Risk Pregnancy and IVF

Guest: Dr. Regina Arvon
Dr. Lane speaks with Dr. Regina Arvon, a fetal maternal medicine specialist. Together they tackle issues surrounding the preconceived connection of high risk pregnancies after having undergone fertility treatment.

Episode 10 – Gestational Surrogacy with Brittany Affronti

Guest: Brittany Affronti
Dr. Lane sits down with Brittany Affronti, a successful egg donor and gestational surrogate. Brittany shares her story and answers questions such as ‘What sort of relationship have you had with your IPs and the baby since your delivery?”, “What made you decide to become a gestational surrogate?”, “Were you ever concerned that it would be difficult to give the baby to the intended parents?” and “Were you worried about bonding with the baby?” This episode is chalked full of information from a first hand perspective. We hope you enjoy!


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