A Motherhood Miracle

motherhood-miracleBy : Camille T.C. Hammond, M.D. , MPH. CEO, Cade Foundation

A recent study revealed that 49% of women and 15% of men describe infertility as the most upsetting event of their lives. Dr. Camille Hammond experienced firsthand how infertility can have disabling effects that impact our community. After years of dreaming, hoping, praying, and crying, she experienced many highs and lows during her quest to have children. In 2004, Drs. Jason and Camille Hammond were given the gift of parenthood from Camille’s 55 year-old mother Dr. Tinina Q. Cade who served as her daughter’s gestational surrogate and delivered her own grandchildren: triplets.

After so many years of trying, the Hammond family was blessed with the births of their three children. In honor of her mother’s incredible gift, Dr. Camille Hammond started “The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation” to provide other infertile couples with the opportunity to grow their families. Since 2005, the Cade Foundation has been providing support and financial assistance to help disadvantaged families overcome infertility by awarding Family Building Grants of up to $10,000 annually, to assist with the costs of fertility treatments and
domestic adoptions.

“The Cade Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness of infertility and related issues among people who suffer from the condition”

grandma-on-bikeThis dual approach distinguishes the Foundation as the only organization of its kind in the nation. The Foundation provides a vehicle through which families who have already “overcome” infertility can support families who are still struggling with infertility. The Cade Foundation believes that everyone with the desire to love and raise a child should have that opportunity.

Through its signature fundraising events and outreach efforts, the Foundation has provided 31 families with financial support and there are presently 21 Cade Foundation babies!

The Cade Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness of infertility and related issues among people who suffer from the condition, as well as the general population and to eliminate existing stigma by educating those who are unaffected in meaningful and significant ways.

For more information about The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, please visit www.cadefoundation.org.

The ASRM recommends that gestational surrogates should be younger than the average age of menopause (51 years old). Additionally, many states mandate that gestational
surrogates should not carry more than a twin gestation.






CamileeCamille T.C. Hammond, MD, MPH, CEO, Cade Foundation, Physician-Researcher, Author, Educator. Dr. Hammond completed her medical training at the Univer-sity of Maryland School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University. She now runs the Tinina Q Cade Foundation (Cade Foundation), a non-profit organization that she and her husband, Dr Jason Hammond, to provide support to families with infertility.